Our purpose is to supply high quality lights, not only improving your working life but also ensuring the relaxation of your visitors. Having these original and beautiful lights inside will also seduce the the people and improve your image. With such a relaxing working place, you can also expect a higher productivity. Our panels will change your way to see your interiors and lights in genereal. All our products are personalized and we try to fit your wishes as much as we can. The color temperature (6500 K), often used in luminotherapy, is very close to day’s light, that will be an advantage for concentration. They will have also many benefits on your mental and physical health and will be just like an open window on the beauty of nature.¬†Working with the latest generation of LED technology, with a 50 000 hours lifetime, you will be able to enjoy our panels without any need of maintenance for minimum 20 years. If you wish to give life to your working conditions, having our lights will be way less expensive than renovation works (change wallpaper or paint the walls) and will be way shorter. It will be a releasing decoration which will give joy and smiles to patients or visitors. Our lights are adaptable to any kind of environments : hotels, restaurants, clinics, offices… They will also bring a special satisfaction to the windowless rooms and are perfectly suitable to the demanding hygenic conditions in medical environments, as they can be easily washed.

Sky Wall