Overview: Global Lighting is focused on providing the best LED lighting technology by today’s standards for your enjoyment tomorrow. Global Lighting products are the leading standard in the marketplace.

There are many reasons to pick LED technology to light your home or business, and there is no better place to do this than with us. Very simply, we have consistently done whatever it takes to meet the needs of our customers.

We have been consistent in quality, commitment, and integrity, and we are always seeking to improve. We truly value the personal relationships that we have developed with our manufacturers over the years.

This means a better, more affordable product for you. We are proud of the reputation we have established and look forward to continue having the opportunity to serve you as we continue to grow and expand what we offer.



To help drive customer performance and be the market leader by delivering high quality and innovative lighting products and services. At Global Lighting, we strive to work with you, our customer, embrace each unique need and recommend lighting solutions that respond to these needs.

Our goal is to service and strengthen our customers and to promote efficiency with our line of economic and energy savings lighting solutions by providing high quality of LED lighting products at competitive prices and help to save more than 80% of the electric consumption and more than 40% of the air condition consumption because of the low heat emission resulting from the Light.

We also seek to encourage you to think Energy Efficiency first when making lighting solution choices. We work with customers to reduce costs, harmful carbon emissions and help preserve the earth for future generations!


VISION: To be Leaders in lighting.

To Global Lighting, being leaders in lighting is more than quality products, innovative ideas and surpassing market norms. It is also about our ability to deliver on our commitments made to our customers. It is the passion, knowledge, commitment, professionalism as well as our people and team collaboration that make us a leading force in the lighting industry.