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Lighting arrangements in a home needs careful planning. Lighting should not be too bright or too dim. If there is improper lighting, you will feel uncomfortable while working. So opt for safe and pleasant lighting to enhance beauty to your room and your home. Here are some useful tips on how to choose the right lighting for a room. Incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) lights are mainly found in homes. 

Incandescent lamps include a light bulb, emit a warm and yellow light, and are the least energy efficient of light sources. You can also control the amount of light by using a dimmer switch. On the other hand, CFL lamps are made of tubes, emit a soft, naturally white, shadow free light and is more economical and energy efficient than its incandescent counterpart.

There are three levels of lighting used in a home.

  1. Low-level lighting: used for relaxation or for watching TV.
  2. Moderate-level lighting: Used for a short time such as for eating, doing exercise etc.
  3. High-level lighting: Used for complicated tasks.

Use the following tips on what types of lighting to use in a given setting and how to install them for the best light output.

Keep Reading Lamps at Height of Shoulder 
Reading lamps should be installed at shoulder height. If you write with your right hand, place the lamp at left side, and vice versa if you are left handed. Then it gives you a shadow free light while working.


Use Strip Lighting/Lighting Fixtures in Bathroom
Use Strip Lighting/Lighting Fixtures in Bathroom Always place the lighting system in the right direction so as to avoid it creating a shadow where you do not want it. You can use strip lighting or lighting fixtures around mirrors for proper illumination. For general use, you can install one or two central lights.


Apply Accent Lighting to Place Focus on Artwork in Living Room
In a living room, there are different types of lighting which can be used: task lighting for reading, general lighting for watching television and accent lighting for highlighting artwork or decorative pieces.


Use Candles, Colorful Silk Lamp in Dining Room
Use chandeliers, candles, colorful silk lamps and ambient lighting in dining room as they add character and style to the fixture, and give a tranquil effect in the dining room.


Place Night Lamps on Both Sides of Bed 
Bedroom lighting should be planned in such a way to create a relaxing and romantic environment. Place night lights on both sides of the bed as it gives aesthetic look to the room. Chandeliers create warm feeling in the room. Up lights and hanging lights look beautiful in bedroom.


Use Task Lighting to Illuminate a Specific Area in the Kitchen
Kitchen lighting is very crucial to make your cooking experience a pleasure. Using only a ceiling light in a kitchen is not the ideal lighting situation. More and more kitchens are being outfitted with lighting over sinks, and under cabinets. This allows you to illuminate a specific area of the kitchen you are working in where you need higher light levels.
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